2 / 444 LEFT @ 0.02 Ξ

Neon Cats is a NFT collection of 444 unique items inspired (but not affiliated) by Cool Cats NFT.

The has started at 0.06 14 of July and had 27 sales the first day. Later with our community we have decided to go to 0.02. The 17 of July the price has been changed to 0.02 and everyone who bought the Neon Cats before for 0.05 or more, have been compensated with 2 more cats per every cat they own.

  • #1 to #420 cats have been listed for sale.
  • #388, #421 - #443 (24 items) have been reserved for giveaways.
  • #444 reserved for author.

There are and will ever be only 444 Neon Cats minted. All cats are generated semi-manually.

Once all the cats are sold we will start building the rarity traits table and will reveal the details for every cat. You will be able to see which cat is the most rare on this site.

By owning a Neon Cat you become an exclusive member of Neon Cats and Yuri Hodler's (author's) community.

Neon Cats has been created with an intention to giveaway more original Cool Cats. So 50% of profits from this project will be used to buy Cool Cats, which will be given away exclusively to Neon Cats owners.


How valuable are these cats?

1st it's all about art. If you love someones loves it a lot, they can pay a lot. Community will decide.

Also, by owning a Neon Cat you join an exclusive community. The author of Neon Cats (Yuri Hodler) is building the NFT community for collectors and creators. By owning a piece of his art you will be able to join exclusive chatrooms and to get exclusive deals.

Yuri Hodler is just starting and he is create more and better stuff. To reward all the supporters, all of his NFT holders will be able to participate in exclusive giveaways and get exlusive deals from him.

One more thing - original Cool Cats. 50% of this project's revenue will be used to buy the original Cool Cats. And all of them will be given away only for Neon Cat owners. This will continue at least for 1 year or as long as the project is generating enough revenue from resales to buy a Cool Cat.

How many Cool Cats you will giveaway?

From the initial sales we are planning to get at least 10-15 Cool Cats, depending on their price at the time we buy them. We will try to get them at the best price possible, so we could give you more of them.

After the initial sale, we will still generate some revenue from the resales. We are going to use it to buy Cool Cats too. So there may be even many more cats given away! That's why it's worth to hold your Neon Cat. ;)

How the Cool Cats giveaway will work?

We will start buying Cool Cats as soon as we will sell enough Neon Cats to get them!

The giveaways will start as soon as possible, but we even if we buy more Cool Cats for future (before their price rises), we will giveaway maximum 2 cats per week.

Some giveaways will be random - no tasks will be necessary to do, you may win just by holding a Neon Cat. And for some giveaways to enter you may need to click a button on our twitter or discord. So make sure you are following us there!

Will I have more chances to get something free if I hold more Neon Cats?

Yes. Whenever we pick a random lucky Neon Cat owner, we pick a random number from 1 to 444 and then look for the owner.

Have more questions?

Join our Discord and feel free to ask us there!